Local scrap dealer speaks out in wake of pipe thefts

DEALING IN SCRAP: Cynthia Adlem, right, and her employees loading scrap metal onto their truck at PJ Scrap Metal, which is close to 43 Air School on the R67 Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Following last week’s front page story on the theft of copper pipe in Port Alfred, a scrap dealer on the R67 just out of town came forward to say that his company was operating with the correct registration documents and was completely legitimate.

In the article, and based on information received, it was reported that no registered scrap dealers operated in Port Alfred. Scrap dealer Attie Adlem explained that, although out of town, PJ Scrap Metal was completely legal. He said he couldn’t speak for other dealers, but knew of four operating in Nemato.

For more on this story, get your copy of this week’s Talk of the Town.

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