Louca helps save environment from prolific plastic pollution

If you haven’t heard of eco-bricks then the kids at the Port Alfred High School will be happy to tell you all about how plastic bottles and packaging can be used in building construction while reducing plastic pollution in our rivers and the ocean.

Interact president Sheena Louca, who is also head of in Enviro Club at Port Alfred High School, was happy to announce that Pick n Pay Clothing and Mr Price are supporting the school to make eco-bricks, by collecting all the unwanted plastic in their stores and donating it to Port Alfred High School.

Read the whole story in this week’s Talk of the Town; out tomorrow

Eco Warrior: Sheena Louca, president of the Port Alfred High School Interact club and also head of the school’s Enviro Club, is collecting clean plastic and plastic bottles to make eco-bricks, a sustainable form of building material that will get rid of plastic waste in our rivers and oceans Picture: ROB KNOWLES

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