Angelbright shines at the Unassuming Roadshow

Sounding like a full band, solo artist Roarke Angelbright played guitar through a loopback system to add depth to his performance at Tash’s Craft Bar on Saturday evening. This was one half of the Unassuming Roadshow, a tour of the Eastern Cape that saw two musical acts from Durban put on a show that had locals applauding loudly in appreciation.

The catchy lyrics of Angelbright’s original songs plus his style of play, including rhythm, lead and some bass guitar gave a different dimension to his music and added to the enjoyment of the evening.

The other half of Unassuming Roadshow was brothers Nat and Ben Bruzas playing as The Name on the Drum.

If the audience’s response is any indication there can be little doubt  Angelbright and The Name on the Drum will be back in Port Alfred soon.

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