Newly formed committee for Sea Cadets in Port Alfred

Not many people attended the Sea Cadets’ first meeting held at the Moth Hall on Saturday, but it was an interesting and an informative meeting for the audience who braved the rainy cold weather and attended.

PASSIONATE ABOUT THE YOUTH: From left, Lieutenant Gert van Staden, Lieutenant Commander Clarence Williams and Lieutenant Commander Garth Daniels at the first meeting of Sea Cadets held at the Moth Hall on Saturday Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

At the beginning of the meeting a brief history on where the organisation of Sea Cadets started and how it was formed in South Africa was presented to the audience who showed a lot of interest as they were listening.

Lieutenant Commander Clarence Williams presented the history of the organisation and said they need to get the ball rolling in Port Alfred, as they are doing in Port Elizabeth. He also said a steering committee was needed to start things off.

“The Sea Cadets’ programme is blessed with dedicated and loyal management and training staff whose long service within the Sea Cadets is most notable. This is exceptional because these staff members receive no remuneration for their efforts in both managing and training duties. There are numerous staff members with 20 to 30 year service,” Williams said.

Lieutenant Gert van Staden spoke about how long the training of becoming a Sea Ccadet takes, and what is required of the youth and what normally happens at their camps.

“We are very strict when it comes to discipline; we use that a lot when we train these kids. We also find that most of them yearn to be disciplined, as hard as it may be for them but these youngsters endure the hardest exercises. Some of them are as young as ten years but they work hard with dedication not showing any signs of giving up,” Van Staden said.

Towards the end of the meeting it was stated that a steering committee will be needed in Port Alfred to kick things off. There were some who volunteered to become members of the committee, but more people are needed to become part of this youth initiative.


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