Kenton Rotary induct new president

The Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea held its annual induction ceremony at the Dias Angling Cub on Tuesday evening and, despite the wind and rain, there was a full house to give thanks to outgoing president Sandi Peter and welcome newly elected president Ginny Reed.

OLD AND NEW: Past president of the Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea, Sandi Peter, right, handed over the chain of office to newly inducted president, Ginny Reed Picture: ROB KNOWLES

As is always the case at such meetings, the atmosphere was warm and friendly, contrasting starkly with the weather outside. With only a few members missing due to other commitments the formal part of the evening was dispatched with some alacrity in the middle part of the evening allowing those in attendance to get on with the serious matters of socialising, an important aspect of a service organisation and where a lot of the work of the club is conducted.

The food on the evening was delicious and complemented the inclement weather conditions by keeping those in attendance well-nourished and warm. The mutton curry was a treat and the chicken and broccoli dish was superb and exactly what was needed. The food was prepared by Eugene and Ruleen de Wit. The couple also managed to collect the “Wandelstok”, awarded to members of the club that have visited the most Rotary clubs, either in South Africa or abroad.

KEEPING THE WHEELS TURNING: Kenton Rotary members Nomawethu Ngangqu, left, and Anni McInnes attended the induction ceremony, held at the Dias Angling Club last Tuesday Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Other awards on the evening were the Wooden spoon to Rob Cross, the attendance award went to Willem van Rensburg, the achievement award wentto Mike Peter, The President’s Significant Achievement Award went to Roterian of the year Will Braithwaite and the coveted Paul Harris Award (awarded for outstanding service and named after Rotary International’s founder) was awarded to Sandi Peter.

NEW COMMITTEE: The newly-appointed Kenton Rotary committee.

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