Floral art creations leave audience in awe

A few people braved a very cold Saturday to go to the Port Alfred Floral Art Group demonstration that was held at Don Powis Hall, Settlers Park, which had people cheering because of the beauty of the finished product.

ART OF FLOWERS: Daphne Wilson outdid herself with her floral art presentations at the Port Alfred Floral Art Group monthly meeting held at Don Powis Hall, Settlers Park last Saturday Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

They got a warm welcome from chairperson Hennie de Bruin before the demonstration started.

Before the presentation by Daphne Wilson, members of the floral art group were given an opportunity to showcase their homework which they were given last month after May Bennett’s demonstration. They had been asked to create an African dream flower. That came with an opportunity to explain what they created meant to them. This was judged by May and the winner of a beautiful creation was Carol Taggart.

Wilson showcased the floral creations that she makes, showing the audience about five different creations, which she made in a period of 30 minutes. They left the audience yearning to be showed some more.

“Thank you all for coming for my demonstration. The following that I will be showcasing today I will be refreshing your memories about some of them, because I have done them before and I will be repeating what I did before,” Wilson said.

By the time she was done the audience applauded her, and were amazed at her creative flair. People said it was new to them, even though Wilson said she would be refreshing their memories.

The floral art group is looking for fresh members. Anyone who might be interested to join them can give them can contact Hennie de Bruin on 082-464-4606.



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