Businesses come to the rescue of fire victims

After seeing a plea on Facebook about two Makhanda families, with a total of 12 people, who were left homeless after a fire, businesses in Port Alfred decided to collaborate and help out.

HELPING OUT: Makhanda families who recently lost everything in a fire that was caused by a burning brazier, were helped by NHS Construction and other businesses in Port Alfred when they saw the plea to help on Facebook

The houses in Fingo Village were burnt to ashes after a child brought a burning brazier inside one shack and it set fire to a bed. It quickly spread and they fled but were left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.

The drive to help the families was headed by Reece Sweet and Yolandi Herselman from NHS Construction, who bought the two families R1,000 worth of groceries, cutlery, pillows, and their old deep freezer. Other businesses in Port Alfred put together some things to donate as well.

“After seeing the plea to help those families, we couldn’t let this just pass. We thought we should help because it’s winter – no one deserves to be left in the cold and no one deserves to be left without a house in this very cold weather. We are glad we helped out, and we are thankful for all the other businesses that came on board to help with whatever they could offer,” Herselmen said.

Other businesses started chipping in as well, donating different items for the families. Pick n pay donated vegetables and bread, Spur donated burgers and chips meals, and Shelly Beach Cottages donated some towels.

As the two families were left homeless, a neighbour has agreed to take them in until something comes up. For now they are all crammed into one home.


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