#HandsoffMashaba gains momentum in face of no confidence vote

Johannesburg major, Herman Mashaba

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba is receiving support from some people on social media and his party‚ amid calls by the ANC to table a motion of no confidence against him on August 22.

Dominating Twitter’s trends list‚ users of the platform are using the hashtag #HandsOffMashaba‚ to convey their messages of support.

In an attempt to see the ANC’s plan fail‚ the DA is urging South Africans to help keep Mashaba as Joburg mayor‚ by signing a petition. They are gunning for 100‚000 signatures and so far have just more than 3‚000.

“Since Mayor Mashaba launched the anti-corruption unit over two years ago‚ to uncover corrupt activities inherited from the ANC-led City of Johannesburg’s old office 5‚335 cases have been investigated”‚ said the DA in a statement.

The party further accuses the ANC of wanting to cling to power in the city so they will “continue stealing from the poor”.

“But on 22 August‚ they want to remove him through the motion of no confidence because they want to get back to eating the people’s money.”

Mashaba’s supporters‚ some of whom have said they are not DA followers‚ are backing the mayor. Here’s a glimpse of the reactions:

Source: TMG Digital.

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