EFF’s plan for xenophobia, femicide and macroeconomic policy

The EFF says the recent violence the country has witnessed is not unique but is a reflection of the daily experiences of women and children who face the threat of rape, abuse and death in both private and public spaces.

Julius Malema and other EFF leaders address journalists on Thursday September 5 2019. The party has called for police stations to be reconfigured as safe spaces for the report of sexual crimes.
Image: EFF via Twitter

In just one week, SA has witnessed kidnapping, rape and murder of women and children by men.

Boxing champion Leighandre Jegels was shot dead by her estranged policeman boyfriend who also left her mother fighting for her life.

Janika Mallo was gang-raped, killed and her body dumped in the back yard of her grandmother’s house.

UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana was raped and killed by a 42-year-old at the post office.

On Friday a weeping father is in court for allegedly hanging his four children, Ayakha Jiyane and Kuhlekonke, Siphosethu and Khwezi Mpungose.

The EFF said the solution to femicide lies in fixing the public institutions of law enforcement, including the police stations, prosecutors and judges “who care”.

“Perpetrators of sexual crimes in our country know that women never get any help from the system and thus they perpetrate their crimes on them with impunity.

“Our criminal justice system is most toothless when it comes to dealing with rape, detecting psychopaths and unearthing violent domestic spaces,” said the party.

The Red Berets said the power of the law must be so effective that those that commit crime know there are consequences.

The EFF called for a national emergency on police stations so they can be radically and urgently reconfigured as safe spaces for the report of sexual crimes.

“We call on the investigative capacity to be immediately developed to detect sexual violence in domestic and private spaces.

“When efficient police exist, who act with seriousness on reports of sexual violence and child abuse, there will be no one who will defy our laws, in any capacity and in any space.”

Xenophobic attacks

The EFF called on South Africans to stop the violence against other poor people in communities, saying that “only a united Africa can resolve the problems that have troubled the continent for centuries”.

“Xenophobic violence will never resolve the problems our country face because they were never caused by foreign nationals in the first place.

“Unemployment, poverty, lack of service delivery and high levels of crime are all created by the ANC government and its bosses in the white monopoly capital quarters,” says the EFF.

The party said it is impossible for a poor person to be the cause of the poverty of another poor person.

“The battle must be taken to the real people who control our lives; the ANC government and big business that has failed to make our economy grow, create jobs, defeat poverty and unemployment,” said the EFF.

Neoliberal macro-economic policy

The EFF said it has noted minister of finance Tito Mboweni’s document on a growth plan for the economy as a direct declaration of war against the working class and black people in general.

“After the ANC conference was openly bought by white monopoly capital, we do not take it for granted that their policy direction is going to be dictated from imperialist Euro-American academy like Harvard University.”

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