Problems at the Bathurst dump

STILL A PROBLEM: Although it is evident that some work has been done to tidy the Bathurst dump, there are many concerns as to the effectiveness of waste management at the dump together with a lack of signage and fences Picture: ROB KNOWLES

The Bathurst dump is an area of concern for local residents who say that the lack of signage plus the state of the road encourages people to dump their refuse along the road leading to the dump rather than travel to where refuse is intended to be dropped off.

TotT visited the site with Tracy Lloyd and Carol Grafton, two of the many concerned residents, and saw the problems. They pointed out a single sign indicating the direction to the current dump and said that it is inadequate in directing traffic. Also the condition of the road to the dump makes it difficult for standard vehicles to access, and there are no fences to contain the refuse. This means that the prevailing easterly wind whips up loose refuse and carries it several hundred metres from the dumpsite and directly into the path of animals left to graze there.

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