Prevent perennial polluters

MOUNTING PROBLEM: Someone, as yet unidentified, is dumping their refuse along the side of the gravel road on the opposite side of the R67 from Alfred Road (formerly named Oliveburn Road). The municipality has been called out to remove the refuse on several occasions in the past but businesses want the culprit to stop dumping along the road

Some business owners in Port Alfred have expressed concern over a growing problem of rubbish being dumped along the gravel road leading to St Francis Health Centre from Bathurst Road (R67).

The problem was brought to Talk of the Town’s attention by Dee Catherine who said that that the issue has become a real headache for businesses along the road.

“Over the last six months someone or some business has been dumping rubbish next to the road,” she explained. “It does not look like residential rubbish, more like a business.”

Read the full story in Talk of the Town.

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