Health testing day for the people of Nemato

Jauka Hall was packed with Nemato community members last Thursday for the  eye care and mental health awareness day, which was put together by Sarah Baartman District department of health.

MARCHING FOR HEALTH: Kuyasa Combined School drum majorettes opened the health day that was held at Jauka Hall last Thursday Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

The day started off with prayer followed by a performance from Mtyhobo Primary School and then the talks started where people were taught about the importance of Health and well-being.

Siphokazi Magqalaza from the department of health said the day was important because as health practitioners they need to constantly remind people about the importance of taking good care of themselves and their health.

“It is important for people to do regular check-ups; they need to check everything in their bodies because in South Africa we have the highest number of obese people. We need to fight that. Today we have people checking diabetes, hypertension, we are also doing eye tests and mental screening. We are glad that a lot of people came to support this day,”Magqalaza said.

In between the tests there were also different specialists to talk about health, what to eat to stay healthy, and a psychologist to discuss the importance of mental health.

Nontozintle Hewana also from the department of health told the audience about how to prepare healthy meals and what they should make sure they eat on a daily basis.

“Always make sure that you eat many fruits and vegetables at least every day. Make sure that your vegetables when you prepare them that they are not over cooked because that takes away the vitamins. People must also make sure that they drink a lot of water – that is also very important. Eat less sugar, we know it is easier said than done but consistency is the only key,” Hewana said.

“Another thing before you do your grocery shopping, first make sure that you do a grocery list of important things to buy that will help make sure that you buy healthy foods and stay away from the junk that we normally buy.  Also make sure that in the mornings you eat Weetbix or oats – those are way better than corn flakes,” Hewana said.

In between the talks, Mtyhobo Primary School kept the audience entertained with songs and dance.


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