Chaos at the council

Council meeting forced to move as EFF councillor refuses to leave

FIGHTER BATTLES COUNCIL: Well-known EFF activist, Xolisa Runeli, in the EFF attire he was wearing when was sworn in as a councillor. He was wearing the red overalls but no hard hat at last week’s meeting

For three hours last Thursday the Ndlambe full council meeting was delayed as speaker Vivian Maphaphu and municipal officials combed the rule books and codes of conduct to justify ejecting EFF councillor Xolisa Runeli from the council chambers.

Her issue with Runeli was with respect to his attire which, being red overalls, was not considered formal, as described in the rules. Runeli refused to remove the jacket of the overall and Maphaphu, having read the rules several times, decided to impose a 15-minute recess in order for him to reconsider his refusal. She then explained that earlier in the year she had asked an ANC councillor to remove his jacket as he was dressed in ANC colours.

“The rules clearly state that no insignia or emblem must be worn by councillors when attending a council meeting,” Maphaphu said.

At this point, Runeli said that this was wrong and that, if red overalls were allowed in parliament he could see no justification for excluding him from the meeting.

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