Port Alfred K9 ‘Ounooi’ stable after near-fatal stabbing

Last Saturday at around 4am the Port Alfred K9 Unit responded to a break-n complaint in the area.

The police followed tracks of the suspected house-breaker who was found running on the beach. After calls for him to stop were ignored the officer released his dog, a six-year-old Belgian Shepherd named Ounooi to intercept the suspected criminal.

Ounooi caught up with the man who then pulled a knife and started to stab the dog on her upper body and the chest area. Weak from the stab wounds Ounooi collapsed and the suspect ran towards to the water. A search was conducted but with negative results. The local NSRI was mobilised but there is still no sign of the suspect and the search continues.

In the meantime Ounooi was taken to the local vet for medical treatment. The stab wounds damaged muscles close to her heart and has been booked off-duty in order to recuperate.

Cluster Commander of Port Alfred, Brigadier Morgan Govender said, “on behalf of your colleagues within the cluster, we wish you a speedy recovery. Ounooi has displayed extreme dedication, bravery and courage throughout her four years in the service and has been instrumental in apprehending several suspects while on duty.  The handler will be referred for trauma counselling.

“An attack on a police official is an attack on the State and similarly, any attack on any of our serving canine or equine is an attack on the State. These faithful animals serve alongside their human police officers of the SAPS with passion, discipline and dedication.”

Ounooi is attached to the Port Alfred K9 unit is currently in a stable condition

Enquiries: Captain Mali Govender : 082-779-7123

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