Early Christmas presents for Mtyobo pupils

About 20 pupils at Mtyobo public Primary School received early Christmas presents when the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) handed over new uniforms.

EXCITEMENT GALORE: Mtyobo Public Primary School pupils received uniforms from the South African Social Security Agency last Friday Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

The smile on the children’s faces showed how happy they were about their brand new uniforms.

Sassa visited a few schools in Ndlambe a few months ago to ask the teachers to help them identify the 20 neediest pupils across all grades. The plastic bags handed to pupils contained two school tunics for the girls and two school trousers for the boys, two school shirts, two pairs of socks, and underwear for the whole week, tracksuits and school shoes.

Sassa representative Pheliswa Nduna said that they do this project every year as they are saddened by the number of pupils that go to school with uniforms that are not up to standard.

“We doing this because we saw that there are a lot of people here at Mtyobo who depend on child support grants and we thought we could help were we can. It’s not good seeing a child going to school in a torn uniform, and seeing them in this state it really makes me wonder if they had proper meals before coming to school  in the mornings,” Nduna said.

“We went to a number of schools around Ndlambe. We went to Fairview and Island View [farm schools] and gave uniforms to about 11 pupils from each of these schools. It’s so good to see their faces light up after receiving their uniforms,” Nduna said.

Sassa also tried to arrange donated uniforms for Dambuza Primary School, but they said the parents kept on failing to attend a meeting about the matter.


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