Walking with the angels

EAGER TO LEARN: Members of the community attended Nick van Lavieren’s presentation on the Hare Krishna movement at the MyPond Hotel on Saturday. Van Lavieren is standing at the rear before giving the presentation Picture: ROB KNOWLES

From asset manager for the municipality to becoming a follower of the Hare Krishna movement, Nick van Lavieren shared his spiritual journey and invited friends, family and others to understand his experience and held an information session at MyPond Hotel on Saturday late afternoon.

“I felt that I wanted to make a difference in the world and realised I couldn’t do that from my position in the municipality,” said Van Lavieren. “I was depressed and believed that our current leaders were not taking us in the right direction.”

Van Lavieren said that he found a small book while in Bathurst that explained some of the principles of the Hare Krishna movement and that they struck a chord within him.

“I saw that the disciples of Hara Krishna lived simple lives but were all happy,” he said. “The swami who wrote the book seemed to know what life’s purpose was. He knew that we need pure souls and that they are currently contaminated by the world. It made a lot of sense to me.”

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