Brody the dog recovering well after children explode fireworks in his ear

Brody the dog is on the road to recovery after children exploded fireworks in his ear, the Bloemfontein SPCA said on Thursday morning.

Brody and an SPCA official after his successful operation.
Image: Bloemfontein SPCA

Brody comes from a small farming town, Winburg, about 120km from Bloemfontein.

During New Year’s Eve celebrations, the SPCA received a call from an elderly woman, who alerted them to three boys who were allegedly holding down a dog and putting fireworks in his ears.

“The granny tried to chase the children down, but she couldn’t and was screaming and shouting at them,” the SPCA said.

The woman begged the children to stop, but to no avail.

There was a big bang and Brody started screaming, while the boys laughed.

They disappeared shortly after the incident.

Brody was found in a manhole three days later, with severe injuries.

“It is hard to imagine that children can be that cruel, especially at such a young age. What have our children come to be. The poor animal was very scared and extremely hurt,” the SPCA said.

At first, Brody would not allow SPCA officials to touch him.

Bloemfontein residents jumped on board to donate to Brody’s R10,000 operation.

The SPCA announced on Wednesday that it was a success.

“We are doing everything we can at the Bloemfontein SPCA to get Brody used to people again and continuing with his life. We are also glad to announce that Brody did not lose his hearing, he will be able to hear with both ears.”

The society said he had an infection and it would take him about four weeks to recover.

“Soon Brody will go to his new and forever loving home,” it said.


Source: TMG Digital

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