Beautiful creations at floral art first meeting

A number of people braved the cold weather on Saturday to attend the first Port Alfred Floral Art Group meeting for the year, held at Don Powis Hall in Settlers Park, and the guest speaker was Jill Hoskin who showed the audience some of the beautiful work she has done.

FLORAL SATURDAY: Jill Hoskin showing off some of her beautiful creation at the Port Alfred Floral Art Group meeting held at Don Powis Hall, Settlers Park on Saturday Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

The meeting was opened by Carol Taggart who welcomed all the new members, and then she read out apologies of people who could not make it to the meeting. Hoskin then gave her presentation and told the Floral Art Group members about the Bathurst Agricultural Show, explaining to them in details about the different categories of the floral art competition and the rules of the competition.

The audience was treated to a beautiful presentation where Hoskin showed off her work, demonstrating how she created some of her masterpieces. The audience were kept on their toes as they were amazed by her creative thinking in some of the pieces she put together.

“It is good to be back in Port Alfred and its good seeing all the familiar faces. It’s been a while but I am back to show you some of my beautiful flower creations that I have created recently and then after you will each get time to create something similar to mine or you can be more playful and create something way better than mine.” Hoskin said.

After she was done with her presentation people gathered in groups of two or by themselves to start making their own beautiful creations.

Taggart added that the Floral Art Group is in dire need of new members. Subscriptions cost R100 for the whole year and meetings are held once a month. They are especially looking for the youth to join and come and experience the fun of making floral art.


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