Ndlambe Municipality Executive Committee

Ndlambe Municipality

The Ndlambe Municipality executive committee, comprising the mayor, Khululwa Ncamiso, and councillors Thembani Mazana, Ray Sheck and Nosicelo Xhasa, met on Thursday March 12 to approve or deny recommendations from ward committees in the area.

They were joined by directorate heads and others co-opted to assist in answering any questions raised.


As the majority of residents in the area are not on waterborne sewerage and rely on conservancy tanks, they are complaining that the municipal “honeysucker” (vacuum tanker) is not available to extract sewage from their tanks.

“We don’t have enough honeysuckers to service the residents,” explained Schenk. “There is currently a backlog of 70 to 80 residents who require service, but as of March 20 there is only one vehicle available.”

He further said that 80% of residents in Kleinemonde are not on the sewerage system.

“We need to restructure our system,” he said.

Traffic department

Overseeing the municipal finance directorate is part of Schenk’s responsibilities and he pointed out problems at the traffic department.

“People are complaining that the system used at the department is not working,” he said. There then followed a discussion where it was pointed out that this was a problem with the national and provincial Department of Transport which supply the equipment and infrastructure for the local office.

According to those present the national and provincial departments take 79% of all revenue collected.

“This does not even cover the salaries of those employed there,” explained Schenk. Ncamiso, Mazana and Xhasa agreed with Schenk when he suggested at least 50% of revenue collected must go to the municipality.

“Apps and upgrades loaded by the national and provincial departments don’t always work and they upgrade the system without notice. It is therefore often off-line,” lamented Ncamiso. “We need to discuss this further. It has been a problem since 2016.”


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