Sewage leak left unattended at ambulance parking lot

It came to Talk of the Town’s attention that the road to old Port Alfred Hospital ambulance’s parking lot has a sewage leak.

MARKED BY SEWAGE: The internal road past the old Port Alfred Hospital to where ambulances are parked is streaked by leaking sewage Picture: TK MTIKI

An anonymous caller expressed concern that ambulances had to drive through the sewage, which posed a health risk.

On Sunday morning a TotT reporter took a walk to observe the leak.

A number of ambulance vehicles were parked on the side of the road parallel with the sewage streaking the road, while others are parked in the garage ahead. Vehicles invariably drive through the sewage.

The person who reported it said the impact on drivers and patients was a matter of concern. At the time of taking the photograph it did not look like an excessive sewage spill, but it was evident.

The area is only used for parking ambulances.

It has been brought to the attention of the provincial health department. The department said it in turn had reported the fault to the municipality.


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