Local EFF leader makes 33% salary challenge to fellow councillors

Leading by example, local EFF leader and councillor Xolisa Runeli became the first elected representative in Ndlambe to publicly announce he would give 33% of his salary before deductions towards the Solidarity Fund for three months.

GIVING SPIRIT: EFF councillor Xolisa Runeli announced he was contributing 33% of his salary before deductions for the next three months towards the Solidarity Fund in combating Covid-19 and support those whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic

Well known for speaking his mind, Runeli stated that this was the time for leaders to walk the talk and talk the walk. “We have to go beyond sacrificing for the generosity and the love that we proclaim to have for our South Africa,” he said.

Runeli is of the view that every South African citizen has a role to play in combating the spread of coronavirus and giving part of his salary was his part. “I believe this Covid-19 pandemic does not only require doctors and emergency health care personnel. It requires everyone from each angle and corner of South Africa to act and help where we can in combating the pandemic,” he said.

Runeli was adamant that leaders should show up and put leadership into practice in times of crisis such as this. “It is part of patriotism and showing leadership that in times like these we have to be at the forefront of our people.

He went on to challenge his fellow councillors to join hands together to fight the common enemy (coronavirus), irrespective of their political differences.

“We are very genuine about the participation and unity in confronting this coronavirus pandemic. Now it is high time that we prove beyond salaries and beyond our differences and beyond our party lines to ensure that we are all together by standing up making sure that we make contributions,” he said.

Runeli further appealed to his colleagues to consider the less fortunate in this challenging time. “Let us think about those who are unable to secure or to be given an income because of sitting home, not working,” he said.

He sees the Solidarity fund as an opportunity to return the favour to the voters.

“We are privileged because of the people who voted for us and they are the same people whom the majority are without salaries. So it is on this basis that I call upon my fellow councillors and colleagues to show this by making sure they that pledge to this fund because this will benefit all the people of South Africa,” he said.


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