NEASA Chief wants to build a better South Africa

CONTRASTING HOPE AND GLOOM: Gerhard Papenfus, chief executive of the National Employers’ Association of South Africa was keynote speaker at the Agri EC Congress in Port Alfred in 2016
An open letter from Gerhard Papenfus, Chief Executive of the National Employers Association of South Africa.

by Gerhard Papenfus

Dear employer

You would have noticed that, recently, I have been very critical towards government’s actions. I want you to know, that I much rather would have liked to have been in a position where I could express support for government’s actions. To work with a government towards a common goal is a privilege and always first prize. However, that is not always possible.

Disagreement plays an extremely important part in every democracy. Non-governmental institutions must criticise where criticism is warranted. In my case, however, this quite frequently attracts criticism from individuals who do not agree with my particular viewpoint. This is, in fact, how it is supposed to be.

The one thing we cannot do is to not engage in the debate in respect of socio-economic and political matters. Remaining silent on issues where we disagree is a disservice to the constituencies we represent. 

At the time of President Ramaphosa’s election, I had the privilege to personally state my support to him. At the time I was filled with hope that developments in South Africa were about to take a turn for the good. It did not; the decline continued.

We will continue to serve our constituency to the best of our ability. Your input in all matters is always highly appreciated.

I have decided to, in future, in respect of matters not strictly confined to NEASA’s core functions, to communicate under the EmpoweringSA banner. Contributing towards the betterment of all South Africans is my ultimate goal.



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  1. My friend just be careful of the African National Criminals. As they are changing things and are using COVID19 as a front for their devious intentions.

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