Cartoon artist, 12, ready to create clothing label

Bohlale Nzuza, in Grade 6, wants to use his art to create superhero anime.

A Gobubie Primary School pupil is about to put his cartoons on a line of children’s clothing.

While the national lockdown has caused many people’s lives to stagnate,  Bohlale Nzuza, in Grade 6, has been developing his talent as an artist.

Bohlale, now 12, showed a propensity for art from an early age and has been attending art lessons  since he was six.

“I received gold awards for my artwork in the art eisteddfods. Before lockdown, I attended an art academy for three hours a week. They’re helping hone my skills from pencil to paintwork and chalk styles,” he said.

The young talent said art was his “happy place”.

He draws  inspiration from cartoons like Dragon Ball Z and the Mastermedia Franchise.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that one has to be adaptable. I want to use my art to create superhero anime. Once my characters are complete, I would like to continue learning coding so I can combine technology and art,” he said.

When he is not busy polishing his  skills, Bohlale  finds time for soccer, archery and catching up with his friends by way of video calls.

Now he is preparing for his next project.

“I would like to create children’s apparel, linen and soft furnishings where my characters are displayed. My parents and I have partnered with a local textile and furniture manufacturer, Mary Senoane of DeMarys, to transpose my drawings on to fabric by October,” he said.

His proud mother, Senate Moshesh, said: “He can finish his printer toner almost every week as he makes copies of his drawings for friends and acquaintances at school who wanted to pin up his work on their bedroom walls.”

His first comic was created in collaboration with six of his closest friends.

“We encouraged him to create his own characters, and thus Sword of Justice was born. He has started a comic with both male and female superheroes (he has an older brother and two younger sisters). He is still developing the different characters,” Moshesh said.

“Our family and friends are quite excited by his talent and entrepreneurial spirit. We support his already chosen career by providing him with guidance and applauding the strides he makes to keep him motivated and stretching himself to greater heights.

“As parents, we are extremely proud of Bohlale. He is gentle, loving, loyal and has a strong sense of self. We’re looking forward to his apparel range.”

By Sivenathi Gosa

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