Covid-19 survivor shares her experience

There was shock and disbelief when a couple’s Covid-19 test results were revealed by telephone, so much so they made the doctor repeat himself. While wife Nombulelo Ndolo was confirmed as positive, her husband Vukile tested negative despite the couple living together.

FULLY RECOVERED: Nombulelo, right, with her husband Ndolo Vukile, defeated Covid-19 after being asymptomatic. She shared her reaction to discovering she had contracted the virus

“It was a shock I do not want to lie. I just wanted the doctor to repeat himself. I thought that he was joking because I was feeling well,” she said.

Vukile echoed his wife’s sentiments. “I must tell you the truth, I was very shocked. As a result I did not know what to do. I was even struggling to talk to her because I was sympathising with her. There is only thing I could do and it was to offer my support, giving her everything she needed so that she would be strengthened,” he said.

Nombulelo said she and her husband had been tested on July 2 because one of her staff members had tested Covid-19 positive. “After we tested we were instructed not to go to work, so we stayed at home waiting for the results,” she said.

According to Nombulele they had both had flu a few days prior to being tested but at the time they were tested they felt fine. As a result she declined the counselling from her doctor. She further revealed that it was alarming that her husband had tested negative while his flu was more severe than hers.

She went on to say that despite not feeling sick when the results came out, fear and reality had kicked-in when she had had to isolate herself from her loved ones.

“The first and second day of quarantine was not easy and, as a result I did not want to sleep. I was scared and believed I was going to be severely ill if I slept. It was not easy to my husband and children because they are not used to us staying in separate rooms while we are in the same home,” she said.

Nombulelo said that on the third day she dealt with her fears, accepted the situation and was able to sleep. She added that she had to convince herself that she was not feeling any pain and shortness of breath. She also said she had not been prescribed a specific medication during her quarantine.

“The just shall live by faith (Romans 1 verse 17),” Nombulelo highlighted the fact that her faith had kept her going. “I had a chance to pray, study the Bible and worship by myself,” she said.

She added that her worship also gave hope to her family and that when she was quiet they thought she might be in pain.

Nombulelo is grateful havig survived the Covid-19 pandemic and extended her gratitude to her husband who she described as the pillar of support and a loving husband. “My husband has supported me with everything. He loved me and spoilt me,” she said.

Acknowledging other people’s support she said: “I have received support from my kids Busi and Ela, my colleagues, Tumeka Tokwe, Siya Mahlati, Nomfundo Bisani, and church members sister Spoki Matya and mamu Jan eBatisi.”


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