Kenton family desert RDP house damaged by leaking tap

It took three years for Ndlambe Municipality to fix a leaking communal tap in Ekuphumleni, Kenton-on-Sea, but by then the damage had been done.

DAMAGE DONE: The Thole family from Ekuphumleni, Kenton-on-Sea, have abandoned their RDP house because of big, long cracks caused by a leaking communal tap which it took three years for the municipality to attend to

The leak damaged the foundation of the Thole family’s RDP house, causing huge cracks to appear in the walls. The family abandoned their home.

An emotional and disappointed Vuyolwethu Thole said: “It took them three years to fix it [the tap].”

Thole, who spoke on behalf of his grandmother, said: “Two years back we found out that there was water coming out underneath my granny’s house.” They traced the leak to a communal freestanding tap which had a damaged pipe.

According to Thole, the leaking tap is a few metres away from his granny’s house. The water coming from the damaged pipe flowed straight towards the house. He said the floor was always wet and cracks appeared in the walls. He said the leaking tap also caused health problems.

The family eventually decided to abandon the unstable house.

“I am a grown man and my parents do not have the spirit to fight, so I rather take it on my hands,” he said.

Thole said his family had been constantly engaging the Ndlambe Municipality for the past three years, since the time of the previous mayor, Phindile Faxi, but nothing tangible came from those engagements. He said when the current mayor Khululwa Ncamiso took over the reins he had hoped that the problem would quickly be resolved, because she came from the area.

But he said even though the municipality had sent workers to inspect the problem, no repairs had been carried out.

Only recently the municipality eventually fixed the leaking tap but Thole said it was too late. He also felt that it was not properly fixed and the damage was already done. “We told them for a long time that it was the leaking tap and they did not fix it. It resulted in a cracking house and the foundation is messed up,” he said.

TotT sent questions to the municipality two weeks ago, but municipal spokesperson Cecil Mbolekwa has still not responded.

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