Bikers ride against farm attacks

Although speaking out against farm attacks and murders was expressed loudly, last Saturday bikers from around the area, as well as in many other places around South Africa, had an opportunity to meet, greet and socialise (Covid-19 restrictions allowing).


Here are a few photographs from Saturday at the Midway Motorcycle Club where local riders met before processing to Bathurst to meet up with other bikers there.

“Eaten today, thank a farmer” is the clarion call by farmers to highlight the disastrous consequences of farm attacks, and this is the message the bikers were there to convey by showing their support for the cause.

Food security is essential if South Africa is to get back on its feet following the Covid-19 pandemic, and bikers are renowned for taking up such causes.

“For bad guys, we do a lot of good,” was a tongue-in-cheek comment from one the bikers.

More photographs in this week’s Talk of the Town and there is a video on our web page.

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