Premier Mabuyane tests positive for Covid-19


MAN ON A MISSION? Eastern Cape premier, Oscar Mabuyane

The Premier of the Eastern Cape Province, Mr Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane has
tested positive for COVID-19. Premier Mabuyane had flu symptoms and this
inspired him to take COVID-19 test.

When his test results came back positive, Premier Mabuyane started informing
his family members, staff in his office, and some of the people he had met with
recently about his test results and encouraging those who might be feeling similar
symptoms to take COVID-19 tests.

Premier Mabuyane encourages any person he met with in the last seven days
who might be having or feeling similar symptoms to take COVID-19 test for them
to know their health status.

Premier Mabuyane is isolating at home where he will continue with his official
duties using technology for meetings and for communicating with his office,
members of the Executive Council, leadership of the local, national government
and other stakeholders.

The provincial government wishes Premier Mabuyane speedy recovery as he
isolates at home and we will support him through this recovery process. All the
events and programmes that the Premier was going to visit, and to attend have
been postponed for now.

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