Partly-completed homes in the area have residents concerned

There are a number of houses in a state of semi-completion in the Forest Downs and Southdowns areas that do not appear to conform to the terms of the purchase agreement, the title conditions or to local bylaws.

This matter was brought to Talk of the Town’s attention by Dick Schuurman, a resident who lives in the area.

“I have been seeing a number of houses being constructed in the area that appear to disregard building regulations by not being of sufficient size,” Schuurman said.

In a letter to the municipality from Griesel Attorneys stated, “The most important title deed condition imposed was the minimum size of future dwellings and outbuildings [where] the minimum size was 150 square metres.”

In his response Mbolekwa wrote, “Not every house should be 150m2, the required standard according to building regulation is 35m2. The rules require that there must be activity on site with the period of three months. There are inspections that are taking place in all new buildings and if they do not comply we issue a notice.”

See the full story in Talk of the Town.

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