Rugby academy has found home ground at Nomzamo

Mzansi Rugby Academy director Barry Scharneck and senior players in the Ndlambe Tigers as well as the academy’s emerging young players gathered with rakes at Nomzamo Secondary School’s sports field recently to help get the field ready for rugby season.

READY TO WORK: Mzansi Rugby Academy volunteers and players from the Ndlambe Tigers to together on recently removed grass cuttings from the Nomzamo Secondary School field after the field was cut by a tractor in preparation for the rugby season. The school field will be used by the academy as the home ground for games and the training Picture: TK MTIKI

After struggling to find a rugby field, Scharneck is now breathing a sigh of relief after being given permission by school management to use the school’s field.

On March 6 2021 at 10am a tractor hired by the Nemato Foundation’s founder Ellen Fober was busy cutting the grass while Scharneck and his players had their sleeves rolled up waiting for the tractor to finish so they could remove the grass cuttings.

Nomzamo’s sports field had not used for a number of years, so the school has allowed the academy to use the field to fulfil its mission of unleashing the talents of rugby players between 11 and 15.

An elated Scharneck said: “We are excited for the new field which will also be the beginning of a brand new era in Nemato rugby.”

He said they were targeting children who did not have access to the game, to provide an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Players come from Mtyobo Primary School, Dambuza Primary School, Nomzamo Secondary School and Kuyasa Combined School. The academy is also looking to work with Port Alfred Primary in Station Hill this season.

“We are going to start with our trials at the end of March to give the children in the community the opportunity to participate for the 2021 season. We would like to welcome our supporters to our new home of rugby here at Mzansi’s Rugby Academy,” Scharneck said.

He said they were grateful for the support they had received from the community to date.

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