WATCH | Rioting Mthatha students torch armoured car, chase police off campus

A police Nyala burns in Mthatha after a skirmish between protesting Walter Sisulu University students and the police.

Violence broke out in Mthatha when protesting students charged police and torched a Nyala armoured personnel carrier at the entrance of Walter Sisulu University’s Nelson Mandela Drive campus on Monday.

This came after protesting students blockaded the N2 near the campus, effectively stopping traffic to and from the town.

In one video, overwhelmed police officers are seen retreating while students, shielding themselves with mattresses, wooden planks and roof sheeting, charge at them while hurling rocks. The students chased the police off the campus and across the road.

In another video, the Nyala is seen engulfed in flames.

Another video shows students dancing and singing alongside the burning vehicle while wearing pieces of riot gear left behind by the police. A burnt police rifle lies abandoned on the floor of the Nyala.

The road was scattered with debris and rocks as the police regrouped. Other armoured vehicles were seen patrolling the area.



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