Eastern Cape liquor board notes the suspension of liquor sale and warns communities against sale of illicit spirits and home-made beer

Mgwebi Msiya – Eastern Cape Liquor Board

Image: 123RF/Vladislavs Gorniks

The Eastern Cape Liquor Board (ECLB) has noted the moving of the country to Alert Level 4 with the immediate suspension of the sale of liquor for the next fourteen days.

We, therefore, urge all liquor traders to strictly adhere to the new regulations and refrain from selling liquor in their establishments.

Communities are also cautioned against the tendency of producing and selling homemade beer. During the previous bans of liquor sales, people resorted to the consumption of lethal home-made beer, which resulted in the death of many people in the Eastern Cape. People are urged to protect themselves against the consumption of deadly homemade beer.

Furthermore, we wish to admonish communities against the sale of illicit substances that have escalated during the suspension of liquor sales in the past. Stern action will be taken against anyone who is found in violation of the regulations by selling these illicit substances. Our liquor Inspectors in collaboration with the SAPS will be all over the province monitoring any potential contravention of the liquor sale regulations.

The ECLB liquor inspectors, in collaboration with various law enforcement agencies, will closely monitor compliance with the new regulations, and where transgressions are identified, necessary steps will be taken to curb such behaviour. Members of the public are encouraged to report cases of non-compliance with liquor regulations to the nearest police station or call Eastern Cape Liquor Board Complaints Toll Free Number 080 000 0420 or send a WhatsApp message to 076 403 6223.


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