Damant Lodge invests in alternative water sources

WATER FOR THE ELDERLY: The board of Damant Lodge recently commissioned R&S Plumbers of Grahamstown (Makhanda) to install eight 10,000 litre water tanks to alleviate water shortages there. With the tanks in the background, from left were Margaret Barnard, Bud Hare of R&S Plumbers, Ross Purdon, Kevin Heny and Johnno Riddin Picture: ROB KNOWLES

The current water crisis being experienced in town is difficult for everyone, but especially the elderly who might not have the means or physical ability to collect water from the communal tanks positioned around town.

That was when the board at Damant Lodge decided to take the bull by the horns and install water tanks that would feed the taps at the care home and ensure the residents received water.

The Damant Lodge Board, represented by Ross Purdon and Kevin Heny, and Heather Howard the chairperson, commissioned R&S Plumbers of Grahamstown (Makhanda) to install eight 10,000 litre tanks, and connect them up to the mains water supply via a VSD (variable speed drive) pump that will automatically switch from the municipal supply to the tanks and vice versa as required.

Bud Hare, the boss of R&S Plumbers, walked Talk of the Town through the installation, saying that 580 metres of pipe had been laid to connect the tanks, the pump and the main supply line to ensure a regular and consistent supply to the lodge.

“It has been a huge success story,” said Purdon. “With the current water situation we needed to ensure the residents of Damant Lodge had water. We explored our options and appointed R&S Plumbers. We wish to convey special thanks to them for all their hard work in getting the system up and running.”

However, Purdon went on to explain that the tanks still needed to be filled.

“We are currently spending between R15,000 and R20,000 per month to provide water to Damant Lodge. We are therefore asking for any donations, of money or water, to enable us to fill the tanks and allow the elderly residents of Damant Lodge to receive water,” he said.

Should you wish to donate, please contact Damant Lodge directly on (046) 624-2555.

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