Kowie Pigeon Racing Club ‘baby’ pigeon auction

The Kowie Pigeon Racing Club (KPRC) is holding a “baby” pigeon auction and steak braai on Saturday October 30 at the Port Alfred Country Club, and all are invited to enjoy the day and bid at the auction.

The auction is intended to help raise funds and enlighten would-be pigeon fanciers in the art of pigeon racing.

Squeakers (baby pigeons) are donated by pigeon fanciers to the club and auctioned to other pigeon fanciers or any member of the public. The squeakers are then allocated to members of the KPRC and homed at their lofts. They are trained together with the KPRC member’s own birds in anticipation of the upcoming 2022 racing season. They will then be raced in a special “sale” race in July 2022.  Prize money for the first three positions is paid out in the ratio of 50:30:20%. Buyers of these squeakers will be updated as to their wellbeing as well as training and pre-sale racing results.

Should any member of the public be interested in participating in this exciting auction, or simply learning more about pigeon racing while enjoying a relaxing steak braai, they are requested to contact Linton Randall for catering purposes by no later than Friday October 29 at 4pm.

The agenda for the day will be a welcome and address by the chairman of Eastern Province Provincial Pigeon Organisation at 11am followed by a steak braai, socialising and viewing of squeakers from 12 noon. The auction of squeakers begins at 2pm.

Enquiries and catering, contact Linton Randall on 079-609-3517.

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