National Lottery Commission sponsors local football club

The National Lottery Commission responded to local football club Majagga Stars FC’s by providing a donation to the team.

DONATION BOOST: Majagga Stars FC’s team spirit was high after receiving a donation which club manager Zuko Zakes Vulani called a ‘couple of thousand’ from the National Lottery Commission. The football club was instructed by the funder on how they must use the money to buy equipment

Grateful and elated, team manager Zuko Zakes Vulani said: “The club made an application for funding in April this year. Our application was successful and we were funded with couple of thousand for the needs of the club. NLC tells you exactly on how to spend the money.”

Vulani went on to state that they bought two sets of soccer kit, soccer balls, tracksuits, golf shirts and training equipment. He broke down the items as 40 (two piece) sets of tracksuits, 40 golf shirts, two sets (three piece) playing kits, 10 soccer balls, coaching board, 60 small cones, 15 mid cones, soccer nets, water bottles and carriers, 30 soccer bibs, eight agility poles, four hurdle poles and a stepping ladder.

He said the funding meant so much to the team as a whole, because it would boost their confidence as they would look very neat when attending matches.

Vulani said the equipment would go a long in improving player’s abilities.

“The training equipment is what we’ve always been looking to have so as to improve the players’ conditions in terms of tactics and techniques. We are so grateful to Lotto for the funding,” he said.

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