Confident Girls project

THE #Confident Girls project would like to thank all donors of sanitary pads who have contributed to raising more than 200 sanitary towels in Port Alfred in the past month.

We would like to thank Rosehill SuperSpar, Caltex garage, Louhen Financial Services, Leach Pharmacy, Christian Harvest Church, St Paul’s Anglican Church, Joy Altson of the Benevolent Society, and Dawn and Peter Hains who dropped of their donation today.

Pads can be dropped off at Talk of the Town offices, Goodwill Centre, Leach Pharmacy and Rosehill SuperSpar.

We are still working towards the goal of 1 000 sanitary pads and we would like to encourage our sponsors and new sponsors to keep donating.  We have a facebook page, Confident Girls, and we encourage our donors to express their views on distribution of sanitary pads and how they would like the programme to be unrolled as an ongoing project.

People who would like to donate or suggest fundraising ideas can contact me on 083-747-8260 or Joy on 084-513-1440.


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