Readers say roads and water most pressing needs

THIS week’s question on Talk of the Town’s Facebook page was: What do you think our most pressing infrastructural needs are in Ndlambe, and do you think the municipality is addressing these needs?

The general consensus seems to be that roads and water are our most pressing needs.  Readers felt the municipality was not addressing these needs and money was not being used properly, or debts were not being collected from ratepayers, which would allow the municipality to do much more.

Marcia Williams said: “The roads need serious attention!”  She doesn’t think the problem is being sufficiently addressed by the municipality.

Sonja Koekemoer felt the biggest issue was the water. “We don’t have tap water that’s drinkable!”

Williams concurred “it smells awful”!

Dawn Butler said the municipality is trying, but the backlog is so bad it would take years.

Writing from Station Hill, Janine Backward Wagner said the roads are bad.

However, Roy Smith said the sewage problem is in his opinion the most pressing. “Roads and man-made structures are important, but our eco-system is irreplaceable.”

Similarly, Louisa Samuel said: “Definitely the sewerage system. Sad to have it flowing into Kowie River.”

Dawn Hains said water situation was most important. She said the municipality seemed to be addressing the situation, but were only moving from one crisis to another. “Given that the holiday season is upon us, the fact that there is a steady and regular supply of water is critical.”

Beverly Young said: “This is no longer a one-horse village. Port Alfred is a blossoming mini-city now.  That the aged water-pipes, sewage and electricity is almost third world, is a factor that has to be addressed.  I seldom complain, yet find myself wondering exactly where my property rates money is going. Surely to refurbish the infrastructure? Or is that naive?”

Andrew Lamei wrote that the most pressing need would be “to fire the non-performing staff first and get qualified skilled staff. Then they can repair all that needs repairs.”

Helen Cowie was one of the many who mentioned roads and Linda Reynolds and Helen Lloyd Purdon agreed that roads and water were most pressing.

Gavin Came wrote: “Most pressing problem is that half of us don’t pay our rates … so an infrastructure to do debt collection is most pressing. All else rises or falls on this, can you imagine what could be done with the other R104-million?”

Linda Edwards said the water supply and the roads in Bathurst are urgent. “But it appears that our municipality are completely incompetent, and anyone they hire is too.”

Williams agreed: “Bathurst seems to be left out. They laid water pipes, messing up the already messed up roads. Now you have to apply and pay to connect that water supply to your house? You already pay rates.

“Bathurst isn’t cheaper than Port Alfred.  Even if you are self-sufficient and don’t make use of municipality shocking service, you still have to pay for it!”

Lynette Faith Bignell said nothing seemed to have changed.  “Got worse probably! But, that seems to be the lie of the whole land! I wonder what we can do about it?”

However, Pauline Strömbeck wrote: “I do see quite a bit of work being done the last couple of months. Maybe it isn’t good enough, but if they do keep this up we might have better roads in the next year all round. I wish they would work on Alfred Road too.”

Came commented again, saying “There is massive work being done, with very limited financial resources. Barely enough money to pay salaries.”

Adriana Sandys-Thomas Holthuysen said: “Shocking and the big boys rape the funds.”

Bessie Jordaan asked for the rubbish skip to be returned to the tourism office parking lot and Zyrin Daniels said potholes were the biggest problem.