SA, Aussies make waves

MAKING A SPLASH: Pro Australian bodyboarder Ben Wells showed wha he could get out of the mainly uncooperative waves at the South African versus Australia bodyboarding competition, held at West Beach last weekend Picture: ROB KNOWLES

THE South African Bodyboarding team is doing great things for the sport here in South Africa, and are currently touring the east coast with the Australian Bodyboarding team, named the Aussie Buccaneers.

“This sort of competition is important for us as it gets us to compete against one of the best teams in world bodyboarding here on our home turf” said Millard, who organised for the Australians to visit South Africa this November.

Australian “chef de mission” Danny Bycroft was very proud to be associated with the Buccaneers and said, “It’s a young team and one which arm chair critics may say lacks experience. But there could not be a better platform to offer this next generation of riders to prove themselves. They are representing their country against a very strong South African team, including a former world champion, in some hostile territory. Now is their time to grow up and shine.”

On Friday and Saturday last week the two teams met at West Beach. The wave were breaking a long way from shore, tossing riders and board around like rag dolls in the wake.

However, such is the skill of the riders that they were still able to make some awesome moves despite the disobliging water.

Day one saw some explosive riding throughout the divisions and ended with the Australians just edging out the SA team by four points.

Day two saw West Beach turned on and we saw world class riding. The contest started early with half the pros, lady’s and dropknee guys going out.

The SA team comprised of Michael Ostler (captain) in the pro men’s section, and Olivia Reitz (vice captain) in the pro women’s section. Also in the pro men’s section were Iain Campbell, Storm Prestwich, Tristan Roberts, Wilder Schultz and Matthew Lombard. In the pro dropknee were Dune Barker and Rory Fellows-Smith.

Pamela Bowren                was also in the pro women’s section. Garryd Ensor-Smith represented the pro junior section alongside Ethan Nel. Team coach Clinton Millard was in the pro master section alongside Bevan Wilson and Patricia Harris was the team manager.

“Well done to the team SA for racking in the points to put them slightly ahead in placings and leading by four points. The afternoon session saw the final heats in the pro and masters heats run where overall title will come down to the wire,” said Harris.

Guido’s was the base camp for the Aussie boardriders who seemed to be having a great time

“We’re having the time of our lives, mate,” answered Australian team coach Ben Wells.

Final Results

Team SA winning title with 245 points and Australia close with 237 points

Pro Men

1 Jake Stone (Aus), 2 Lachlan Cramsie (Aus) and 3 Michael Ostler (SA)

Pro Junior

1 Liam Lucas (Aus), 2 Garryd Ensor-Smith (SA) and 3 Simon Cassidy (Aus).

Pro Women

1 Pamela Bowren (SA), 2 Olivia Reitz (SA) and 3 Jane Keel (Aus).

Pro Dropknee

1 Dune Barker (SA), 2 Aaron Glassop (Aus) and 3               Gary Thatcher (Aus).

Pro Masters

1 Ben Wells (Aus), 2 Clinton Millard (SA) and 3 Bevan Wilson (SA).

From the Kowie the teams will head down the coast, through the Transkei, and have their final competitions in Durban before returning home.

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