More violent protests

Petrol bomb thrown into a home at Merry Hill in Kenton

EXPLOSIVE: A petrol bomb was launched through the window of a house in Merry Hill on Monday, during protest action by angry residents who attempted to blockade the R72 at the Kenton/ Ekuphumleni intersection. The house sustained minimal damage, but an elderly man who was home at the time sustained burns to his face and hands as he attempted to put the fire out Picture: TATUM WALKER

POLICE have acknowledged that a petrol bomb lobbed through the window of a home in Merry Hill on Monday may have been thrown by protestors angry at the Department of Human Settlements for not having paid the contractors working on the RDP housing development at Ekuphumleni, Kenton-on-Sea.

An elderly man and two young women who were in the house at the time had to put out the subsequent blaze. The elderly man sustained burns to his hands and face as he attempted to throw out cushions and a mattress that had caught fire.

Monday’s protest was a sequel to a blockade on the R72 last Wednesday, when the national road was closed for over half a day as tyres burned in the road and some protestors threw rocks at passing vehicles.

This time Public Order Police (POP) arrived the night before the protest was due to start – word having being spread early on social media – and prevented the demonstrators from blocking the R72.

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