MultiSecurity officers nab burglar who looted cop’s home

MULTISECURITY response officers came to the rescue of a police officer whose home was broken into on Monday morning.

First just one response officer responded to an alarm at a Horton Road home and reported it had been broken into. SAPS was informed, as well as the owner, who was out of town at the time.

The MultiSecurity officer located the point of entry at a rear window where he also found a Samsung cellphone with a screwdriver. Three more response officers arrived, followed the burglar’s footprints and found that he had ran into the bushes toward Village Green.

Three of the MultiSecurity officers ambushed the suspect in the bushes and arrested him. He was carrying a backpack with TV and DVD cables and speakers in it that belong to the policeman homeowner. When the policeman arrived back he opened a case.

  • A resident of a complex in Alfred Road reported a break-in at his home on Saturday morning. The burglars(s) stole two cellphones, a bottle of whisky and a handbag.

MultiSecurity said there was no sign of forced entry or marks. The alarm was not on.

  • A copper pipe thief was spotted at a home in North Street on Monday afternoon. A resident chased him and the thief ran towards the cemetery. A Multi Security response officer found copper pipes in front of the client’s house but no sign of the suspect.

It was a busy time for would-be thieves and burglars in the early hours of Wednesday morning

  • It was a busy time for would-be thieves and burglars in the early hours of this (Wednesday) morning, with several incidents reported around Port Alfred.

A resident of Sevenoaks Street pressed a panic signal in the early hours of this morning when she saw someone trying to break into her car.

MultiSecurity control room despatched a response officer who said the suspect had run off when he was spotted by the resident. There was no clear description of the suspect and he did not get into the vehicle.

Also early this morning, two suspicious men were seen on the premises of a complex in Alfred Road, the same one broken into on Saturday.

A resident pressed a panic signal and told MultiSecurity the men had run off when they had seen him. Nothing was taken or damaged and no entry had been gained to any home. Response offifcer patrolled but did not find anyone suspicious in the area.

There was another attempted break-in at a home in Milkwood Avenue this morning.

MultiSecurity responded to an alarm signal from the house. Response officers reported that the burglar(s) broke the lounge window and bent open the burglar bars. They did not gain entry as the alarm went off while trying to enter and they ran off.

Police also responded but no case was opened.

  • MultiSecurity responded to an alarm in Broadway Street in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The resident also phoned the MultiSecurity control room and said three men wearing hoodies were on his premises. They grabbed fishing rods standing outside and fled down Saltvlei Road.

One of the alleged fishing rod thieves was caught after breaking into a home in Henry Street

Response officers patrolled the area but could not see the suspects.

In a sequel to this, one of the alleged fishing rod thieves was caught after breaking into a home in Henry Street later that morning.

MultiSecurity and police searched for the other two suspects, who got away with a laptop and wallet, but could not find them.

  • On Monday morning, a North Street resident pressed a panic button when an intruder peered through a window. The man ran away when he was spotted. MultiSecurity said the intruder was described as wearing a pink and black top.
  • A Main Street shop owner asked for armed response assistance after a man tried to break into his shop by forcing open a door last Thursday night.

The suspect, wearing a blue T-shirt and black jeans, ran off in the direction of Campbell Street when he saw an approaching SAPS vehicle coming down Main Street. The shop owner reported that he tried to get the SAPS’s attention but they may have not seen him.

  • There was an attempted break in at a business in Bathurst Street last Wednesday morning. The front security gate was found bent open by a MultiSecurity response officer on patrol.

The owner was informed. No entry was gained everything was reported to be in order.

A vodka thief was pursued by MultiSecurity after shoplifting

  • A vodka thief was pursued by MultiSecurity after shoplifting a bottle of Skyy Vodka from Pick n Pay Liquors on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect ran to the Duck Pond Centre then toward Albany Road. Other security officers joined the chase and caught the thief. He was handed over to SAPS.

  • There was another incident of shoplifting at a spaza shop in Nemato on Sunday, when a customer stole a pack of cigarettes. The shop owner did not want SAPS.

A naked man was spotted walking in Southwell Road behind the taxi rank on Sunday afternoon. MultiSecurity informed SAPS but the naked man disappeared.

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