Readers in a froth over ‘sugar tax’

THE government’s new “sugar tax” on beverages elicited a big response from Talk of the Town Facebook readers.

Talk of the Town’s Facebook question this week was: South Africa has a new “sin” tax on sugar, which can be expected to automatically rise every year by 6% to 10%. Do you think people will consume fewer sugary products, like sweets and carbonated beverages, as prices rise? Will you?

Urshi Behrens Wiblin said: “I try and consume less sugar for my health. Too much sugar makes your body acidic, prone to more diseases and bone problems. I think that’s the real reason in our diabetic prevalent country too.”

Scesh Xhasa said he fully agreed.

Jacobus Grove wrote: “This tax has nothing to do with health. The size of the beverage [industry] is billions and a very easy way to collect additional tax. It is so ridiculous that the tax even applies to 100% pure juice which contains only natural fructose and no cane sugar.”

Read the full story in this week’s Talk of the Town.

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