PA harbour built on strong legacy

Serendipity with Bev Young

THE endless fascination of the story of the harbour construction, here in Port Alfred, appears to intrigue so many, new and old settlers who live here.

RESHAPING A RIVER: The mouth of the Kowie River during construction of the two piers in the 1800s

It is as though they cannot imagine that the Kowie River as they see it today, was once a slow moving puddle- pool, meandering out of the then mouth of the river. Certainly not suitable for the massive shipping of goods that eventually enabled Port Alfred to take its place in major enterprises.

In short, a company was formed by William Cock and his partners. They rerouted the river and built two piers, east and west, and lined the banks with rock.

During this time, this attracted many new settlers, adding to the foundation of emerging villages. Men of trade, various teachers, medical and church folk, and in time, over 185 years, all the comfortable niceties that we have here today.

This region is a tapestry of history, embroidered is such a manner as to anchor our establishment and hopefully ensure the continuation of traditions, while moving forward with modernisation.

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