Christians motivated to unity

THE latest Christian Men’s Association breakfast focused on Christian unity and also featured a testimony about the recent prayer meeting in Bloemfontein where more than a million people gathered to pray for the country.

OLD FRIENDS: Chester Wilmot, left, introduced guest speaker Glen Craig at the Christian Men’s Association breakfast last Saturday Picture: JON HOUZET

Long-time CMA member Charlie Parsons was emotional as he related how his sons, who had not spoken to each other in three years, had reconciled just before the Bloemfontein meeting, which was named It’s Time.

“I made deals with God,” Parsons said, “that I would sell everything if only my boys would speak again. A week before It’s Time they got together and prayed.”

Now Parsons says he owes God “big time”.

Guest speaker Glen Craig said at the same time It’s Time was being held, he and others had arranged a prayer meeting on a field in Salem.

“There were about 90 of us – not bad for a small community.”

Craig spoke about the church’s role in challenging the powers-that-be about immorality and government corruption.

“The church needs to be the conscience of the nation,” he said.

“Ministers like [Archbishop Desmond] Tutu were doing that in the apartheid era and he’s still doing it.”

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