Save South Africa to stage night vigil outside Constitutional Court

Activists from the Save South Africa campaign will stage a night vigil outside the Constitutional Court on Sunday night in anticipation of the court’s ruling on a secret ballot in the Parliamentary vote of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma.

“A full programme of entertainment and speeches has been developed‚ and a number of activists will be sleeping over in a specially created camp near the court’s Flame of Democracy‚” campaign organisers said.

Speakers will include representatives from Save South Africa‚ campaigners supporting the Palestinian Huger Strike‚ Lawyers for Human Rights‚ Corruption Watch‚ Johannesburg Against Injustice‚ Africans Rising and OUTA.

It said the group would start setting up camp from 5pm on Sunday. Proceedings are expected to begin at 6pm‚ with a number of musicians setting the mood.

“On Monday morning‚ the night vigil team will move into the streets of Braamfontein to form a reception committee for the combined civil society and political party march from Newtown to the Constitutional Court‚ where the court will hear the application for a secret ballot.

“The night vigil and march are part of Save South Africa’s campaign of ‘Minimum Demands for a Socially Just South Africa’ – which intensifies the pressure on Jacob Zuma to step down as President‚ and spells out a set of minimum demands to begin restoring the integrity of the South Africa state‚” Save SA said.

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