GM is leaving SA – what you need to know

General Motors (GM) has announced that it is quitting South Africa – but what does this mean for you?

On Thursday morning the company released a statement saying that it made the decison after a thorough assessment of its South African operations.

General Motors is leaving South Africa

Stefan Jacoby‚ GM executive vice president and president of GM International said, “We determined that continued or increased investment in manufacturing in South Africa would not provide GM the expected returns of other global investment opportunities.”

But what does this mean for you? We break it down:

How will this impact me?

According to the GM website, the company has promised that even as it works towards a ‘business transition by the end of 2017’ that the changes will not impact customers as existing warranties and service plans will be honoured beyond 2017.

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What about my warranty?

All existing warranties and service plans remain in place and will be honoured beyond 2017. From 2018, Isuzu dealers will provide after sales and service support to Chevrolet and Opel customers until the details of our discussions with PSA have been finalised

Isuzu to take over in PE as GM quits South Africa

Can I sell my vehicle back to my dealer?

GM has stated that its dealers have been notified of the move. While it states it stands by its product and doesn’t believe there will be a need for customers to sell their vehicles, if you want to sell your vehicle normal business practices. This means the value transfer will be a negotiation between the dealer and customer

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