WATCH: Justin Bieber ‘look-alike’ pranks frantic fans

Even before global superstar Justin Bieber touched down in Mzansi last week the entire country had caught ‘Bieber fever’ and varsity student Aiden Atcheson used that to his advantage.

The student knew that hundreds of fans would be on high-alert ahead of Bieber’s concert in Johannesburg last Sunday‚ so he cooked up an ingenious plan.

Aiden‚ who has been told on numerous occasions that he looked like Bieber‚ decided to dress up exactly like him‚ roped in some fake bodyguards and caused a complete frenzy at Sandton City Shopping Centre.

“For a year now people have been telling me I look like him. So I thought I should pull something like this off and I decided to do it a day before his concert‚” he said.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE Aiden explained that the idea for the prank was his but he had loads of help from his friends.

As a Bieber fan himself it was easy for Aiden to dress up exactly like him. Even though Aiden had a vague idea of what Bieber goes through on a daily basis nothing could have prepared him for the mob of fans that surrounded him at the shopping centre.

“I am a fan of Justins and it’s crazy what he has to go through on a daily basis‚” he said.

The video of the prank went viral within minutes after it was released on social media and has been trending on YouTube ever since.

Aiden said that it was an amazing feeling and just hopes it gets Bieber’s attention. “It feels amazing. I never expected that at all. To be trending on YouTube was one of my dreams and it has come true‚” he added. – Tshisalive

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