BREAKING: Planned protest to close R67 on Wednesday

Protests on the R67 are scheduled to continue tomorrow, as confirmed by protest ringleader, Sibusiso Zweni in a telephonic conversation with TotT. 

“I’m leading this cause because I stay in a shack. I grew up in a shack, and I still live in a shack,” he said.

New Rest community members, and others living in surrounding informal settlements, are continuing protest action after taking to the road early in May this year.

ROAD CLOSED: New Rest protesters closes R67 by sitting down

“At 2am we will go to the road, and wait for the Premier to arrive. We will close the road to the dumpsite. Sooner or later we will close the R72 [in Port Alfred] too,” said Zweni.

Zweni who currently works for the Ndlambe Fire Department was previously dismissed from his job on allegations of break-in and theft of municipal property. His dismissal contract outlined a plot to steal computer parts and stage a break-in April this year. No charge was laid with SAPS by Ndlambe municipality. He and twin brothers, Themba and Thembekile George have been at the forefront of the housing protest saga causing disruptions to road users travelling between Port Alfred and Bathurst.

Last Friday protesters closed the road around noon and maintained their position until 6.30pm.

“Our intention is to sit down and close the road until someone responds to us. We want something that is written down,” he said.

See this week’s TotT for full story, and more, regarding the New Rest housing saga as well as details about the leaders on the forefront of the protest.

Unrest at New Rest

WATCH footage of last Friday’s protest that brought traffic on the R67 to a standstill:

WATCH: R67 remains closed while New Rest sits.

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