Mom blames hospital for death of new-born



NOW IN GRIEF: Nolusindiso Chani gave birth to a baby boy who was pronounced dead, then alive, only to be told a second time by hospital staff that her baby had passed away at Port Alfred Hospital

A GRIEVING mother claims she lost her baby due to hospital staff negligence.

Mother-to-be Nolusindiso Chani was admitted at the Port Alfred Hospital on Sunday May 14, and she was induced for labour the following day, which was the beginning of a painful rollercoaster ride of emotion.

Chani only gave birth with a lot of difficulty, to a feeble baby boy at 4.45pm on Thursday May 18. He was pronounced deceased at around 7pm on that same day.

Following witnessing a three-hour long “last breath”, the family approached their doctor for an explanation.

“She was rude, explaining briefly with no details as to what the cause of ‘death’ is,” Mapapu said. “She said the baby died due to the brain bleeding, and when we asked about the lung failure she had mentioned before, she denied ever mentioning anything about lung failure.

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