Fire at Barville Park farm

SEVERAL fires have flared up at Bobby and Judy McGarvie’s farm in Barville Park between Port Alfred and Kasouga, about 8km from the R72 turnoff.

It is alleged that the fire started in one area and quickly spread through dry veld and bush to reaching to other areas. The fire was able to cross a farm road to start a another fire at a nearby camp, and then spread through more bush, moving dangerously close to the farm-owners house.

The cause of the fire is unconfirmed at present, but a slight wind aiding the spread of flames, leading to a tense situation, with neighbouring farmers and staff doing their best to help, monitor and control the scorching flames. A water tanker was being driven from one fire to the next, dousing fires and wetting bush to prevent further blazes.

When the alarm was raised, neighbouring farmers called the Ndlambe Fire Department but were told that the fire truck could not attend as it was being held up at the R67 protest near Nemato/Thornhill.

The fire truck was subsequently released from the protest and attended the blaze.

Neighbouring farmer at the scene, Adrian Ford, warned that, ” [the] fire is heading toward our farm now. It is difficult to contain due to thick bush and sandy terrain.”

  • Those living in the area are asked to help, if they are able, as more hands are always needed.


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