Campaign against measles

A NATIONWIDE campaign against measles by the national department of health started this week and will continue until June 30.

The department is encouraging vaccination for children between six months and four years and 11 months old, warning of the risks of the disease which can cause blindness, hearing problems, pneumonia, brain damage and even death.

Nurses will be visiting schools, crèches and street to street during the campaign to give a free measles vaccine injection to children who qualify.

“The service will be rendered on the same day for each child who qualifies regardless of whether they have received the services before,” the department said in a statement.

The measles vaccination service will be recorded in the road-to-health booklet, and parents are encouraged to send this booklet to their child’s crèche or school. If parents do not have this booklet, the service will still be provided. Parents have been asked to fill in a consent form for their child.

Anyone who has questions about the campaign should ask at their nearest clinic.

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