An act of humanity that saved a man’s life

A MAN was saved from drowning in the Bushman’s River on Tuesday by the quick response of visitor Jandre Meyer.

HEROES WALK AMONG US: Visiting from the USA, Jandre Meyer saved a man from drowning in the chilly waters of the Bushman’s River on Tuesday

Visiting from the Florida in the USA, Meyer, 31, was with his mom when they heard people shouting from their house in Kenton-on-Sea. When they went outside to look, they saw a man in the Bushman’s River shouting for help.

The man was flailing his hands while struggling against the current. Meyer ran down to the river with a windsurfer board and paddled up to the man. He could see that he was now lying face down in the water, unconscious.

Meyer managed to put the man’s head and chest onto the board and swim over to a nearby grass island. As he has had First Aid training, he was able to resuscitate him.

“We are not sure how he ended up in the water, but we can only presume that he fell off the bridge because he was right in the middle of the channel,” Meyer said.

His mom phoned emergency services.  The Port Alfred NSRI, EC Government Health EMS, Gardmed ambulance services, Ndlambe Fire and Rescue Services as well as the SA Police Services all responded to the call.

The EMS paramedics took the man to hospital. He was in critical condition, but he is now said to be recovering well in hospital.

As it remains unclear how he managed to fall off the bridge, the police have opened an investigation into the sudden incident.


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